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Powerful features for Raters and Providers

Transform your energy rating business with our field data collection app and home office portal.

Quickly and accurately capture field data with ANY mobile device.

  • Eliminates paperwork

  • Digital forms walk you through the inspection process ensuring nothing gets missed

  • Pre-Built Forms for HERS Inspections –Thermal Bypass Inspections (TBI), Final Inspection; Energy Star; and others included

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Harness the full power of your phone or tablet.

  • Barcode & QR Code scanning streamlines data collection and eliminates errors

  • Unlimited Pictures with captions & annotations stored right in the form

  • Speech to Text to easily capture notes and “as-built” exceptions 

  • Date, Time, & Location (lat-lon) stamps

  • Signature capture

Significantly reduce back-office processing time.

  • View and monitor field data collection status in real-time

  • Completed inspection data instantly ready for review, QA, and digital submittal

  • Built-in XML Import & Export data transfer to rating software.  Currently supports RemRate and Ekotrope.

Customize forms and inspection steps to meet your customer's needs.

  • Customized the order of the data fields in the forms to match how you perform inspection and testing.

  • Perform custom complex calculations from within the app to speed workers' ability to capture data or understand when data is outside of critical parameters.


No connection? No problem!

  • Collect data in the most remote locations even without an Internet connection. 

  • Automatically saves data locally and syncs when you re-connect to the Internet

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